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Hip Hop Hackathon
I never thought of myself as an engineer. Not really. Sure I was good a fixing machines, I programmed computers and made straight A's in math and science. But, me an engineer? No...

That's how I thought at the crucial pre-teen and teen years because I had no role models or anyone to tell me that it was possible. And, no one that looked like me were engineers. In the 30 years that I've been in my career, there are still so few venues to Black and Brown people to understand STEM fields and participate in STEM opportunities. That has to change.

My team and I along with our partners at Urbanime are on a mission to create a movement that any person, child, teen or adult with the potential to create worlds, make the world a better place or inspire others with their creativity. And, we know that the original hacking culture of Hip Hop is the perfect mix to encourage Black and Brown youth and adults to take the leap into a new world that will change their lives for the better forever.

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Marie CIO @ Data 360
We're writing to invite you to the beginning of the movement for the culture. Hip Hop being the first and originators of the hacking culture coming up in the same time and age of the personal computer and the digital revolution. Participants will be inspired to put together what they know and create new cultures inspired by the Hip Hop culture and its music.

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Here's more about the Hip Hop Hackathon
What is Hip Hop Hackathon?
Hip Hop Hackathon is a community of creators, makers, and changemakers who have the power to craft the future of technology and culture by leveraging their unique talents to build solutions that address real-world problems. Read more here.
Why Hip Hop Hackathon?
We are focused on providing opportunities and mentorship to traditionally underrepresented and underserved communities through the power of technology. The hackathon's goals are:

1. To promote STEM education and careers,
2. To encourage everyone with an interest in computer science to pursue higher education or training,
3. To build community within the larger Hip Hop communities around the United States and beyond to a global audience, and
4. To celebrate the legacy of the culture of Hip Hop.

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Learn more about Data 360 Urbanime
Data 360 and Urbanime have come together to produce Hip Hop Hackathon from February to June 2022. See our press releases:

Data 360 and Urbanime collaborate to launch Hip Hop Hackathon for the Culture Media and tech experts in Los Angeles and New York join forces to accelerate people of color into careers in tech. Read more

Urbanime to Launch Year-Long Black and Brown STEM Initiative “Open Spaces.” STEM needs you. The future needs you. The Culture needs you. Are you ready? Read more
If you have any questions, you are welcome to connect us by e-mail: info@hiphophackathon.com.
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